Roanuz Introduces Cricket-focused Chatbot API

Roanuz, Artificial Intelligence solution provider, recently announced its Chatbot API for Cricket. Built within the Roanuz Cricket API, the API enables the development of chatbots that can answer contextual questions regarding matches, player stats, teams, and much more. Bots can answer in both text and voice.

In the API docs, Roanuz suggests that chatbots built with the API accept cricket-related questions in a manner similar to Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. To see an example of how this plays out from a developer's perspective, check out the example request and response within the docs. Those interested should register to get started.

The Chatbot API is RESTful. Chatbots utilizing the API can converse with a user on topics such as player profile, recent matches, player vs. team, team vs. team, and live updates. Player statistics, and player performance against a given team, are pulled from the Answers API. Statistical answers, and related metrics, are pulled from the Answers with Metrics API. To learn more, visit the Chatbot API site.

According to Roanuz's CEO, Anto Binish Kaspar, the Chatbot API has access to around five million records. Using Roanuz's data-intelligence capabilities, third party developers can build robust bots that can interact extensively when it comes to discussing Cricket. While Roanuz launched purely as an AI company, it has put many of its early developments to test within a Cricket context. To see how the company continues to grow its AI portfolio, check out its various offerings - many are cricket-related.

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