Rocket Matter: Lawyering in the Cloud

Law practice and case management software has been around for years. These Programs gave lawyers the ability to focus on what they love to do and simplified the recurring tasks that are incurred when running a law practice. However, many lawyers don’t work solely from the comfort of their office where these tools have been easily accessible in the past. Thankfully, we now have “Cloud Based Law Practice Management”, allowing lawyers to access the tools that they use to manage day to day operations anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Rocket Matter, a Florida-based technology company providing web-based practice management software, is one of the companies leading the charge. Their software provides calendaring, task tracking, phone messaging, and billing tools that can be easily integrating into other applications using the Rocket Matter API.

Rocket Matter is not the only company using RESTful APIs to integrate law practice management functionality into existing systems; Clio and MyCase both have APIs of their own. All three APIs provide basic feature Integration and return data in JSON format.

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