The Role of the API Evangelist in Enterprise

APIs are largely hailed as the driving force behind digital innovation, and it is difficult to argue with this concept. Yet despite many high-profile API evangelists preaching the good word about APIs in general, there is a need for more localised evangelism, according to a post by Sam Macklin on the CA Technologies blog.

Public and private companies could benefit from the implementation of APIs, but the benefits of the technology is not always appreciated by those in charge of an organisation. One way this could be overcome is by installing an internal API Evangelist whose job is to convince stakeholders of the value that APIs add.

This role will importantly bridge the gap between digital architects and business managers, maintaining open communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. This task will be aided by employing an evangelist with a solid technical understanding, but this must not be at the expense of business acumen and communication skills, as each is equally important.

The final, overarching point is the evangelist’s ability to coordinate projects. API programs operate both as technical projects for achieving business goals and business projects that rely heavily on technicians. This means that the API Evangelist must be able to carefully coordinate business strategists and systems architects as they work on projects.

Finding a way to balance all of these elements will provide the most beneficial environment for a digitally-minded organisation to thrive and grow.

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