Royal Mail Delivers Shipping and Tracking APIs

Royal Mail, the most well-known U.K. postal service, has launched Shipping and Tracking APIs. The new APIs will allow e-retailers to better integrate IT systems with Royal Mail systems. The APIs are available to all Royal Mail customers with business accounts. The goal of the APIs is better parcel management as users will be able to better understand usage and run custom reports.

“Our Shipping and Tracking API will enable e-retailers to improve and speed up the Integration between their own IT systems and Royal Mail," said Nick Landon, Royal Mail's parcels managing director. "The new API provides the potential for improved parcels management."

In 2016, Royal Mail will celebrate its 500th birthday. Despite its age, the postal service continues to expand with new services and greater reach. Royal Mail has shown a dedication to innovation as part of its growth strategy. The new APIs fit well into its innovation message, as Royal Mail data will become directly integrated into the IT systems of its customers. 

Both APIs grant access to Royal Mail's Track & Trace System. The APIs are based on WSDL and return calls in an XML data format. The Shipping API enables users to create shipments, create parcel labels, update shipments, create manifests and cancel shipments. The Tracking API enables users to query the tracking status and retrieve tracking history. Access to the APIs is free for business account users. To learn more, contact an account manager.

In the modern Web, businesses are built on APIs. For businesses that have existed for half a millennium, perhaps APIs can save, re-create and propel businesses. In an industry that has long been rumored to be dying, Royal Mail is investing in new tech that could continue its relevancy and promote its ongoing success. Visit Royal Mail's host of resources to learn about its ongoing innovation.  

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