Royal Mail Updates Shipping API to v2

A post by Liz Morrell at eDelivery shows that Royal Mail, a UK based postal service and courier company has launched a new version of their Shipping API. The API, now in version two is meant to complement the release of a new shipping tool aimed at helping retailers fulfill their orders.

The API is offered in two flavors, RESTTrack this API and SOAPTrack this API. With it customers can access functionality that allows them to create shipments, print labels, and produce Documentation need to ship items domestically.

The API can be used in conjunction with Royal Mail Pro Shipping, a GUI based shipping Platform. A Royal Mail spokesperson said  “With the launch of Royal Mail Pro Shipping and Royal Mail API Shipping we now offer a full range of shipping solutions to our customers, dependent on their size and ways of working.”

There are no costs to use the API though rate limits are in place for each. For onboarding purposes Royal Mail does offer 500 calls per day. Access to each API is restricted and developers can register an account here. Interested developers can learn more at the Royal Mail API Portal.

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Royal Mail’s software arm launches new shipping tool for large retailers