Royal Pingdom Cleans Its SOAP, Calls Devs to Test New REST API

In a move that we are likely to see more of this year and moving forward, companies are inviting developers to closed beta programs of their APIs to ensure that they get their next releases right. Pingdom, a provider of website monitoring and reporting services, as part of its plans for the next release of its Pingdom API, has done just that.

The Royal Pingdom blog announced the call for beta testers. The current version of its API exposes a SOAP interface over which developers can write their custom sites and applications to keep track of their servers and get information like downtimes, outages and much more. The only thing we can gather that is coming is that its new API is RESTful and uses JSON. This is not surprising and is in line with the API trends that we have seen over the past year.

To qualify as a Beta Tester, you need to have a Pingdom account and a project that you want to use the API for. And in addition to reporting bugs, you can always put in suggestions for improvements, functions that could be added and almost anything that would help the API. To apply, email with “API” in the subject.

API providers are entering the next iterations of their services and they absolutely want to make sure that their next version not only offers richer functionality, but also is simple and what the developers would prefer. With that in mind, Royal Pingdom’s move to invite developers and take direct feedback also sows the seeds for a developer ecosystem building around it. It is a win for developers, too, since we are seeing more jobs requiring API experience. Participating in beta programs like this can give one a firsthand account of the process in releasing an API.

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