Run in Postman Button is Now Live for 10+ Public APIs

Postman, provider of the popular Postman app for testing and documenting APIs, has announced that the Run in Postman Button is now live for over 10 public APIs including Apigee, Best Buy, GoSquared, and Transport for London (TfL). The Run in Postman Button was introduced back in January of this year with a limited number of partnership opportunities for API publishers granted at that time.

The Run in Postman Button allows collections to be added to Postman in just one click or viewed online as a guest.

The Run in Postman Button allows API publishers to provide one-click testing of their public APIs. API Publishers create a collection of API requests that they would like to link to in their API Documentation. Postman collections can be created manually or by importing API description files such as Swagger or RAML into the app. Once the collection is created, the publisher generates an embed code from within the Postman app using the share collection option.

Transport for London (TfL) Unified API collection displayed in Postman app after clicking the Run in Postman Button.

The Postman app also includes a documentation feature that automatically generates API documentation for collections that can be published in standard formats. The documentation feature is currently available as part of the Postman Cloud/Postman for Teams service. The company plans on updating the documentation feature in the near future so that it can publish API documentation publically as well as privately for Postman teams.

At the time of this writing, there are over 10 API publishers that have implemented the Run in Postman Button including Apigee, Auth0, Best Buy, CoreLogic, GoSquared, Hotelbeds, Postmates, Sails.js, SparkPost, Tallyfy, and Transport for London (TfL). The complete list of API publishers that have implemented the Run in Postman Button can be viewed on the Postman website. The list will be updated as more publishers implement the Run in Postman Button in their API documentation.

"The Run in Postman button helps public API publishers attract developers," Postman co-founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana told ProgrammableWeb. "With one-click testing, multi-language support, and a user base of 3 Million plus devs, Postman helps overcome the initial barrier to adoption for many APIs by putting them in programmers' existing workflow."

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