Run Realtime Reports on Chapoo's Project Management Platform: Chapoo API

Chapoo, cloud Platform for projection information management and collaboration, enables developers to integrate many Chapoo features via the Chapoo API. The API allows integrated solutions to run reports and queries out of the Chapoo data repository. The platform works across organizations of all sizes in many industries. The product was designed to streamline processes and eliminate waste. The API allows for third party apps to manage productivity through consolidated monitoring.

Chapoo has enjoyed much success through its unique features, especially in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries. Chapoo CEO, Erik De Keyser, Believes the API capabilities will bring Chapoo to new partnerships in the broader marketplace. He commented:

"With the new REST API and distinctive functionality in the area of data repository, forms, queries and reporting, the platform can now be put to service across different application domains in financial services, government agencies and manufacturing enterprises.”

The Chapoo API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Users can run reports and queries in realtime. Common methods included retrieving images, binder data, and managing folders. For more information, visit the API site.

Project collaboration tools have risen in interest beyond the tech world as their features and functionality prove to eliminate redundant work and streamline communications. Chapoo sits at a particularly interesting angle as it was born to serve a niche set of industries. Now that it has proven itself a priceless tool in AEC, its API options and new developments will help reach new audiences.

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