RunKeeper Sprints Away to Success With More Apps and Devices

RunKeeper is on its way to becoming the data Platform for health applications. Last August, they announced the RunKeeper Health Graph with an API to boot, which makes it possible to build a digital map of an individual’s personal health. The platform has enabled various applications and health device manufacturers to start populating their user data directly into the RunKeeper Health Platform. The platform has met with much success with the application directory growing to more than 40 apps and devices and a new Fitness Reports Dashboard.

The Application Directory has been growing steadily since the launch of the platform. A recent blog post mentioned several applications that range from new ways to record your steps, activities and much more. A couple of recently announced applications include Weighty, an iPhone App allows you to submit your weight and fat percentage to the Health Graph and CleverRun, an app that makes your running activity more interesting by allowing you to predict your next completion time of the run, compare against other runs and much more.

Earlier this year, RunKeeper also released Fitness Reports, a dashboard that consolidates all your data around health and fitness in one place. Via Fitness Reports, you can now track all sorts of activities (running, walking, cycling, etc.), and everything from sleep and strength training to your blood pressure.

With more applications and devices expected to be added to the RunKeeper platform, we believe that RunKeeper is executing good on its strategy on being a platform player rather than just an application. With the proliferation of smart phones and health devices, the platform is only going to grow stronger.

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