Runnable Launches Google Dart Code Channel

Developer Resource Platform Runnable has today launched the first of its Company Code Channels. In partnership with Google, Runnable's Dart Code Channel provides a virtual platform for developers to run tests and implement code when building web applications using Dart 1.0. ProgrammableWeb spoke with Runnable CEO Yash Kumar on the eve of the launch.

"Code channels are a new service from Runnable where we work in partnership with companies so they can release their SDKs and APIs on a dedicated channel," CEO Yash Kumar told ProgrammableWeb. "Our first code channel is with Google Dart. Dart is interesting for developers given the high distribution of Chrome as the browser on a lot of laptops around the world. Our Code Channel makes it easy to create complex web apps with Dart. Developers can try, test and implement Dart on the Runnable platform."

Kumar says the Dart Channel will be the first of many, with future channels expected to be released in the next 3 - 6 weeks. For now, the goal is to help developers more easily build web applications using the Dart web Framework. "As applications move towards the browser, these applications are more API-dependent. Dart is at the center of that. You can use the Dart framework to make any API call to any service, as part of your web application design."

Runnable has a current uptake of around 200,000 virtual machines being created on the platform every week. As a result, the company's initial ambitions of being 'the Youtube of Code' are being considered more carefully. "We are slowly rolling out the community," Kumar confirmed. "It is very easy to use Runnable, so we get a lot of signups. To make sure the quality of the code [being shared] is really high, we're working with the best developers and the best developer companies first. So we have restricted the ability to share code at the moment."

Kumar confirms that in the meantime, developers can "very easily" import code snippets from sources such as the API Commons and use that in their coding projects.

Runnable's Dart Code Channel was launched this morning. Developers can sign up for a free account on Runnable.

By Mark Boyd. Mark is a freelance writer focusing on how we use technology to connect and interact. He writes regularly about API business models, open data, smart cities, Quantified Self and e-commerce. He can be contacted via email, on Twitter, or on Google+.

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