Runscope Adds Global API Monitoring to Feature Set

Runscope offers API testing, monitoring and debugging for web services. Their service, Runscope Radar, sends HTTP requests simultaneously using previously designated assertions and variables to determine whether integrated APIs are functional or not. With the ability to schedule automated requests down to every other minute, the tool allows near real-time API monitoring. 

Runscope has just introduced Radar Locations to support geographically distributed API testing. Developers can now choose from 8 service regions (US East, West, Midwest, Texas, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, and Singapore) and 2 service providers to receive a comprehensive picture of how their APIs are behaving at a global scale. Enterprise partners can also increase their testing coverage by installing Runscope Radar agents into local infrastructures. Paired with 3rd party notifications and analytics service integrations, Runscope continues to construct helpful API behavior monitoring solutions.

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Introducing Global API Monitoring with Runscope Radar Locations