Ryft Announces Open API Library for Ryft ONE Platform

Ryft, a Big Data Platform provider, recently announced a new data analytics Open API Library. The API enables seamless Integration with Ryft's flagship high-performance data analysis platform, Ryft ONE. Post-integration, big data environments enjoy faster data analysis and real-time intelligence, the company says. The open strategy, flexibility, speed and simplicity that the new offering presents should lead to quicker enterprise decision-making and significantly better data center economics.

The Ryft ONE hardware platform constitutes a 1U chassis that provides critical insights on both historical data and real-time, streaming data. The API extends Ryft ONE capabilities into existing environments. Example functionality includes a growing set of primitives (e.g., exact search, fuzzy search and term frequency) and multilanguage support (C/C++, Java, Python, R, Scala, etc.). With so many integration possibilities, the Ryft ONE Open API Library expands Ryft's initial audience dramatically.

Ryft launched an open strategy to alleviate the escalating costs and constricting limitations presented by closed systems. At the same time, Ryft realized the problems open environments can cause in big data scenarios (e.g., performance degradation). The Ryft ONE Open API Library allows users to enjoy both performance and simplicity. Ryft ONE can seamlessly integrate with existing big data and analytics environments. The library itself can be downloaded at the Ryft website.

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