Saavn Leverages Twitter to Create User-Generated Radio Stations

Twitter’s #Music app was pulled from the App Store in April 2014, just a year after its launch. However, the social network is using a different approach to its most recent venture into the competitive world of music streaming.

This time, the company has teamed up with the fast-growing Indian music streaming service Saavn in a more competitive model. Twitter will no longer supply the final product (relevant music) to users, instead acting only as a powerful platform for others to build upon.

This new Saavn service works similarly to the way people phone in requests to a radio station, only they tweet their requests to @SaavnRadio instead. Saavn then uses Twitter’s API to access that data and create optimised radio playlists which it then streams to its listeners. This is a user-generated radio station built on listeners’ tweets to encourage music discovery.

“There are so many conversations around music on Twitter that it was only logical that we extend those conversations to further enhance user experience on the platform", said Arvinder Gujral, business development director, South and South East Asia.

Saavn’s streaming activity has grown four fold since January. They now boast 10 million active monthly users and a catalogue of 2 million tracks, supplying a service aimed at Indians and Indian expatriates living in other countries. So while their second- and third-largest markets are the United States and United Kingdom respectively, their largest market is, of course, India. And since India has the fastest-growing smartphone market in Asia, there is certainly room for Twitter to succeed with Saavn where it failed with #Music.

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Saavn Partners With Twitter To Bring Tweet-Powered Radio To Its Streaming Service