Sabre Introduces Airline Industry Standard NDC APIs

Sabre, travel industry solution provider, recently announced its first New Distribution Capability (NDC) APIs. The APIs enable certain Sabre partners to programmatically complete NDC bookings and additional features when shopping. United Airlines is the first airline adopter of Sabre's new APIs and is utilizing the suite for customer shopping, booking and fulfillment across its global network.

"This new NDC-enabled world we are bring to life requires close collaboration and a common vision with entities from every corner of the industry," Kathy Morgan, Sabre Vice President of NDC, commented in a press release. "Working with United an all of our Beyond NDC partners to deliver integrated NDC content is the result of the greater collaboration we are product to have led over the last 18 months."

NDC is an XML-based data transmission airline industry standard created to facilitate innovation and communications between airlines and service providers.  Through Sabre's APIs, Sabre is leading the way towards ubiquitous NDC adoption across the airline industry. Through the APIs, airlines gain a robust set of features that touch on new fare options, flight amenities, and much more.

Sabre plans on enhancing the API suite and its Platform as 2019 progresses. By the end of the year, it hopes to have all of its Beyond NDC partners integrated with the APIs. Additional features on the roadmap include access to Sabre's agent desktop workspace (Sabre Red 360).

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