SaferRide App Fights Drunk Driving Via Yelp Taxi Suggestions

Yelps has extended it's API to the Department of Transportation's SaferRide app to provide convenient suggestions for local taxi services

Yelp has announced that it will offer it's API to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to assist in the creation of SaferRide, an app which helps prevent drunk driving through taxi suggestions.

Available for Android, SaferRide's sole function is to offer tools to help users find a way home. The simple home screen offers three basic functions: searching a taxi, calling a friend, and locating oneself on a map. Yelp integrates into SaferRide by listing local cab phone numbers with associated reviewed and ratings.

“The app encourages potential drunk drivers to stay off of the road by helping them contact a close friend, find their location, and connect directly to a taxi company to secure a safe ride,” according to a recent Yelp blog post. “The taxicab information that the app uses will be generated by the Yelp API so users can have the best possible experience as they head home.”

SaferRide is specifically developed by the DOT's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a "service dedicated to saving lives by reducing the number of deaths and injuries on our nation’s roadways."

In the past, Yelp has also performed humanitarian work as a a service able to help predict food borne illness outbreaks and help increase the transparency of restaurant health scores. Now empowering SaferRide with the convenience of geolocated taxi services, it is Yelp's goal to support the NHTSA initiatives to promote road safety. 

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