SalesClark Bringing the Sales Clerk Experience Online

Shopping isn't necessarily particular for this audience, but have you ever tried to help your parents or non tech-savvy friends try to shop for a computer? SalesClark aims to combine several online shop APIs (such as Amazon and Commission Junction) to build a tool that you can sit your mom down with and help her find a computer.

The idea is simple. SalesClark, much like a good sales clerk (get it?) works by having a simple conversation with you and learning what would be a better product for you. While figuring out what's the best computer for you, it's scouring popular shopping sites to find items that match your criteria. For all intents and purposes, this is pretty close to a true shopping AI as you're going to get, short of a Google Intelligence and AIM mashup.

ShopClark is currently publicly available to use, although is in beta stages. Currently, SalesClark only helps find laptops and desktop computers, but they have plans to expand into more shops and categories. I can tell you, I'd love a SalesClark for server shopping and trying to gifts come this holiday season.

For another type of virtual assistant, see our coverage of iPhone app Siri, which was later bought by Apple in what we called the largest mashup acquisition ever.

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