Salesforce Announces IoT Cloud Powered by Thunder Real-Time Event Processing Engine

Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) Platform provider, has just announced IoT Cloud, a new platform powered by Thunder, a highly scalable real-time event processing engine. IoT Cloud connects billions of events from applications and devices. This is the second major announcement from Salesforce within the span of a week. Last week, Salesforce announced App Cloud, a platform featuring a suite of tools that can be used to quickly build connected enterprise applications.

Image Credit: Salesforce

Salesforce Iot Cloud is a platform that connects billions of events from applications and devices allowing customers to leverage IoT data and make better decisions. Iot Cloud is powered by Thunder, a real-time event processing engine built on a highly scalable, modern architecture. The platform essentially connects everything to Salesforce including smartphones, sensors, windmills, and turbines. Iot Cloud also monitors and ingests billions of events every day from a variety of sources including social networks, blogs, websites, mobile devices, and more. Thunder allows Salesforce customers to personalize how products and services are sold, marketed, and managed.

There are a few similarities between Salesforce Iot Cloud and platforms such as DataSift and However, Dylan Steele, senior director of product marketing, App Cloud, Salesforce, told ProgrammableWeb that ingestion system speed is what differentiates Salesforce Iot Cloud from the other platforms. Steele said that Iot Cloud is a very fast system capable of ingesting billions of events in near real time and at IoT scale. He also explained that Salesforce built Thunder from the ground up and that it is a classic example of a microservices architecture. The company plans on further developing Thunder utilizing Machine Learning algorithms in the not too distant future.

One of the companies already using Salesforce IoT Cloud is Emerson; the company is using the platform to monitor and respond to problems with both residential and commercial internet-connected thermostats. Another company already using Salesforce IoT Cloud is TeMeDa, a fleet management solutions provider. TeMeDa uses the platform to connect fleets of vehicles sending customers real-time, geo-location-based alerts, engine data, and other telematics.

"Salesforce is transforming the Internet of Things into the Internet of Customers," said Marc Benioff in the press release, chairman and chief executive officer, Salesforce. "The IoT Cloud will allow businesses to create real-time 1:1, proactive actions for sales, service, marketing or any other business process, delivering a new kind of customer success."

For more information about Salesforce IoT Cloud, visit the official company website.

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