Salesforce Announces v2 of its Bulk API

Salesforce recently announced the upcoming release of its Bulk API v2. The new version of the API will continue to empower users with the ability to perform bulk transactions; however, the API itself is slimmer and Salesforce claims it will be easier to use. V2 will be generally available in the winter of 2018 and the changes will use the same Framework as other Salesforce REST APIs.

The key design changes that may make the v2 easier to use than v1 surrounds the elimination of batches. In v1, users had to manually break data into batches for upload. In v2, the user merely uploads data and Salesforce takes care of batching the data in the most efficient method. Batching is no longer part of the API consumer's process. In the same vein, users need only pay attention to a single limit in v2 (i.e. 100 million records per 24 hours). In v1, users had to consider limits on both batches and bulk jobs.

In addition to the streamlined API use process, Salesforce has added multiple features to v2. First, users can request job data in the same request as the bulk transfer. Second, users can specify different column delimeters (e.g. backquotes, carets, pipes, semi-colons, tabs, carriage-return and linefeed line endings). Finally, users can retrieve a list of Bulk API jobs for a given organization (both active and completed).

The Bulk API v2 gives users more options for processing data in less code. For more specifics, check out the Bulk API 2.0 Developer Guide or the training module. In a blog post announcement, Salesforce has provided a side by side comparison of v1 and v2.

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