Salesforce Mashes Google AdWords

Every day ProgrammableWeb has a Mashup of the Day featured on the home page and the Mashup Dashboard. Today's is a unique one in that there's a lot more money at stake than usual: it's the Salesforce for Google AdWords application which combines and Google AdWords. It's based on a product from search marketing tools company Kieden -- a company just acquired by Salesforce. The product allows tracking of the full lifecycle: creating ads, placing bids, tracking results, and measuring ROI. The introductory pricing is $300/month per customer. The stakes in online advertising are high (a $5.75B business last year) and this is an interesting combination of major league tools. While it may not be as fun as one of last week's mashups for racing around Paris in a Ferrari 275 GTB, it's good to finally start seeing more tangible business value from mashups. FYI: keep in mind that you can get the Mashup of the Day and others by subscribing to the ProgrammableWeb Mashup Feed here.

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[...] Last week,, the high-profile seller of on-demand CRM solutions combined their customer management program with Google’s powerful online advertising services to create the Salesforce for Google AdWords application. Using the new program, Salesforce customers can create, manage, and measure search engine marketing campaigns from beginning to end. [...]

[...] eBay has acquired developers, as they when they bought CARad, a specialized app for automotive listings. Note that also has acquired developers using their platform. [...]