Salesforce Shield Targets App Dev for Highly Regulated Industries

Salesforce Shield, a new set of Salesforce1 Platform services intended to ease the development of cloud-based applications for highly regulated industries, is now available. 

The current line-up of capabilities supports field audit trails, Encryption and event monitoring. A fourth service for data archiving is slated for release sometime next year, a Salesforce spokesperson told ProgrammableWeb.

Targeted industries include healthcare, financial services, the public sector and others bound by compliance and governance requirements for managing sensitive information. The new offering doesn’t apply a standard set of rules for complying with a particular regulation, such as the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but instead seeks to provide tools for achieving compliance. “There is actually a lot of interpretation regarding how customers choose to meet certain guidelines,” says Seema Kumar, senior director of product marketing for the Safeforce1 Platform. “So rather than having a button for HIPAA compliance, we give customers the tools to meet whatever internal compliance policies they design.”

Genomic Health, a provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests, used the product prior to its formal release. “The new platform allows us to transition more of our business into the cloud environment, utilizing Salesforce technology to continue delivering practice-changing information to deliver care for cancer patients around the world,” says Paul Aldridge, chief information officer.

Salesforce Shield works for applications and data that reside on the Salesforce platform and the related, and can be used by independent software vendors and systems integrators that sell apps within the Salesforce AppExchange.

Together, the modules address a range of information management requirements. Platform encryption protects applications and data that reside in the Salesforce environment. Field audit trail can maintain a complete audit trail of data while event monitoring shows businesses which users are logging into Salesforce, what information they are accessing, from where, and through what channel. The data archive module under development will be designed so users can store information in the Salesforce platform for extended periods. 

Companies can contract for the entire package for 30 percent of their current annual spending for Salesforce products. They may also choose packages individually. Encryption is priced at 20 percent of annual spending, while the remaining two modules now available are each 10 percent of a customer’s annual contract. 

More information about Salesforce Shield is available at

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