Salesforce Wear Tackles Enterprise Wearable Tech Market

Wearable devices are quite the rage these days, and both wearable device manufacturers and developers are still learning how best to design and implement truly useful wearable applications. When it comes to the enterprise, the Salesforce Platform is recognized as a leader, and the company believes the time has come for developers to extend wearable devices into the enterprise.

Salesforce Wear is an initiative that tackles the dual challenge of partnering with wearable device manufacturers and providing the Salesforce Wear SDK to help developers churn out applications that integrate with the Salesforce1 Platform. The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack website provides information on the device, sample applications built by Salesforce, and links to Getting Started and GitHub repositories for each of the devices initially targeted.

The initial set of devices that the Salesforce Wear SDK supports is as follows:

  • Google Glass
  • Android Wear
  • Samsung Gear 2
  • Pebble Smartwatch
  • Myo, a gesture-control device that uses arm and hand movements to allow users to operate in a hands-free environment
  • Nymi, biometric identity wristband that uses your body's cardiac signal to uniquely identify a user

Sample applications showcased have features that display events from a Salesforce Calendar onto the wearable device, an Inspection App (Google Glass) and more. It is expected that over time, Salesforce Wear SDK Portal would become a showcase for more applications under each device and new device platforms that integrate with Salesforce1.

The wearable SDK is a bold move and comes in the early days of the wearable industry, when developers are being made to think beyond just fitness bands. With the strength of the Salesforce developer ecosystem, there is a very good chance that enterprise apps are in for a wearable future. 


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