24 Billion API Calls So Far

24 billion, that's how many API calls have been served by so far. This statistic along with others like 130 million transactions daily, 61,200 custom applications, and 750 AppExchange apps, were all highlight on stage today by CEO Marc Benioff who's kicking-off "Tour de Fource", the next phase of their services (for more on, see our earlier coverage here and more on today's presentation see good coverage from ZDNet's Dan Farber). These moves continue to built-out "as a Service" pieces of what Salesforce calls their Cloud Computing Architecture.

This new phase includes enhancements such as per-login pricing for less frequently used applications, Code Share for collaborative development, and other tools known as Development as a Service, or DaaS.


The pricing is interesting because it's a new variation of utility pricing, in this case pay-per-login. The list price a $5 per login up to a maximum of 5 per month with a discounted price of $0.99 per month through the end of 2008.

The DaaS piece features a new set of development tools and initiatives. The first is an IDE with a metadata API for richer code and data model capabilities. The second is a full source Code Repository for developer collaboration. And the third is the announcement that will open source a number of their applications and host them at Google Code.

Lastly, and Emergence Capital Partners have announced a new competition with a $1 million dollar prize and winners to be announced at Dreamforce 2008 this fall. We have now added this to our contests page.

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