Finally Adding REST API

In an email newsletter to developers, announced that a REST version of its API is on its way. While Salesforce is yet to provide details into this enhancement, the newsletter acknowledged that it will enable "simple HTTP and JSON as a possible output format, to make integrating with fast and easy."

Simple it is, as the ease of development in REST has resulted in REST API usage growing immensely in the past two years, taking a good byte out of SOAP API usage, on which's API is currently based. will launch its REST API on October 26th as a developer preview. Registration is open to join an introductory webinar that day.

Update: In the comments, Salesforce's Jon Mountjoy pointed us to a sneak peak of the API with a video (embedded below).

Be sure to read the next REST article: API: Sultan of Musical APIs


Comments (38)

[...] to SalesForce, you are in the game at the right time, SalesForce announced last week that they are finally adding a REST API. This is good news, [...]

Thanks for letting us know about the sneak peak, Jon!

[...] news, which we first saw on Programmable Web, has led us on a journey over the past two days to seek some answers about what the adoption says [...]

[...] I trust that the latest and greatest of Salesforce’s platform, including the upcoming REST API, will keep many sufficiently entertained.  This event is free for developers, with registration [...]

[...] news, which we first saw on Programmable Web, has led us on a journey over the past two days to seek some answers about what the adoption says [...]

[...] news, which we first saw on Programmable Web, has led us on a journey over the past two days to seek some answers about what the adoption says [...]

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[...] trailblazer of software-as-a-service in the enterprise, Salesforce added a REST API in October 2010. One could point to that as the start of the trend&#8211;if it is a [...]

[...] deep set of Docusign&#8217;s functionality, and an extensive set of SDKs.  However, like many B2B Saas companies, they previously focused on the heavier SOAP protocol for its API.   Here&#8217;s one more step in [...]