Salesforce1: An API Story that Could Revolutionize the King of Cloud

This week at Dreamforce, CEO Marc Benioff, announced Salesforce1. Benioff suggested that Salesforce1 could be the single Platform to run entire companies, and manage the internet of things from a single source. However, the bigger story behind Salesforce1 is an API story. How else can a single platform claim to "Connect all your apps. Connect all your devices. Connect all your customer data."? Increase your APIs tenfold is how.

Salesforce1 brings together many of Salesforce's existing APIs, along with newly launched APIs, and opens them up to third party developers and apps in hopes to singly incubate the "hyper-connected world of customers." Salesforce desires to be the sole point of connection for all interactions. Connecting employees to customers, employees to employees, the back office to mobile apps, everything to everything. The only possible method to boast of such connections is to maintain a massive portfolio of APIs.

Behind the Salesforce1 platform, Salesforce has enables ten times its previous number of API feeds. Over 230 calls will keep developers busy building new apps and forming new connections. Salesforce expects new apps, new communities, increased efficiency, and new connections to arise out of its expanded API strategy.

We often think of as the king of cloud computing. However, the cloud space has already evolved into something more than mega data centers as a reservoir for hosted information. To succeed in the cloud space today, providers need to offer connected features, greater access to data; and thus, more APIs. Should Salesforce1 be the success that Benioff anticipates, Salesforce1 will need to transform from the king of cloud to the king of APIs.

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