Salt Security Launches API Security Forum: Salt Labs

Salt Security, a company that provides API security services, has announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of key API vulnerabilities. This new Resource, Salt Labs, will operate as an open forum and research hub that leverages the company’s internal research. 

Salt security notes that many organizations are delaying new products as a result of concerns over API vulnerabilities. The hope seems to be that increased visibility into common vulnerabilities may help improve not only business outcomes from a security perspective, but remove potential roadblocks in terms of time-to-market.

The announcement of Salt Labs highlighted the quality of research that the company intends to provide for the forum:

“Utilizing a deep technical understanding of API threats, security gaps, and misconfigurations, Salt Labs will focus on delivering high-impact threat research, uncovering the latest API attack vectors, and providing remediation best practices to make API security programs increasingly agile and actionable.”

With the proliferation of APIs as a key element in the application development world, Salt Security believes that it is more important than ever that developers are aware of the real-world issues facing API implementations. As part of today’s release the company has released initial research that outlines “several API security gaps at a large financial institution.”

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