Samsung Gear 2 Wearable Challenge Offers $1.25 Million in Prize Money

Wearable computing, specifically watches, is all set to see a significant battle between vendors, who want developers to build applications for their ecosystem. Samsung with its Gear range of devices was expected to run away last year with developers flocking to the Platform. While it did not exactly take off, Samsung has spent that time prepping up the Gear 2 range and is currently offering huge developer prize money in its Gear 2 Challenge.

The Samsung Gear 2 challenge invites developers to create the next level of innovative, functional, and original apps for the Gear 2 range of smart watches. The Gear 2 challenge is open from May 7th to July 17th and is offering a total of $1.25 million in prize money. The contest will be held in two rounds with the first round submissions being filtered down to top 200 applications by the judges. The second round will see these winning submissions work further on refining their applications with 40 applications including a Grand Prize winner emerging from them.

Samsung Gear 2 devices run the Tizen operating system. Gear Apps consist of the Host-side Application (which runs on Android-based Samsung mobile devices) and the Wearable-side Widget (which runs on Tizen-based Samsung Gear devices). The host-side Applications are Android applications while the wearable-side widget can be developed with the Tizen SDK for Wearable. You can visit the Samsung Gear Developer page for more details. One of the criteria for participation is that your application will need to be submitted and available in the Samsung Apps Seller Office.

Samsung earlier held the Tizen Developer Challenge where it doled out $4 million in prize money to developers. We are yet to see consumer phone devices running the Tizen operating system and it is not clear where this new challenge will lead to.

Please refer to the contest page for full contest rules and registration details.  

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