Samsung Offers Serious Money to Free The TV

Developer contests do not seem to end. In fact, the prize money and recognition being offered is getting bigger by the day. The latest developer contest from Samsung is offering some seriously big money to create applications that run on its line of televisions and Blu-Ray devices.

The total prize money is $500,000 with a First Prize of $200,000 and some cool Samsung devices to go with it. Submissions are open from until November 11. The winners will be announce at the Consumers Electronic Show January 6-9, 2011. And if you are in San Jose, check out a 1-day developer event on Aug 31 from Samsung on how to build TV apps using their SDK.

Applications already built, showcased in the video embedded above, include Netflix and Blockbuster streaming applications. There is also an Associated Press news ticker, which shows off an app running while watching normal television, something possible because Samsung is running the apps natively on the device.

To create an application, you need to use the Samsung TV Application SDK on a machine running Windows. Applications will be able to run on several of Samsungs Blu-ray players, Home Theater systems and Televisions. More details on the SDK are available in the Free the TV resources section.

It is interesting to see APIs being released that allow developers today to reach a wide variety of devices. The Samsung TV SDK gives another avenue for developers to reach out to a wider audience. With Google TV also ramping up efforts, is TV the new battleground of the APIs?