Samsung Premieres Life Fitness Bluetooth Connectivity

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Life Fitness, global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, will present at the Samsung Developer Conference on Nov. 12, addressing how fitness equipment and technology are working together to enhance user experiences across the globe. Also at the conference, Samsung will premiere Bluetooth® connectivity with Life Fitness cardio equipment, a first-time solution for mobile devices to automatically connect to fitness equipment.

"This Bluetooth® connection was made possible through our open API, LFopen, and the brilliant minds at Samsung," said Dan Wille, vice president of global business development and marketing, who will be presenting at the conference. "We're excited that the folks at Samsung are using our API just as intended -- we wanted to make it available to everyone so that individuals or companies can take their innovations and adapt them to our machines. We are thrilled that Samsung has developed this new functionality with Life Fitness equipment."

Using Bluetooth® LE on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it is demonstrated that an exerciser can approach a Life Fitness cardio machine with a Discover™ Tablet Console and be automatically connected. The exerciser's personal profile and workout program will be instantly uploaded to the equipment and, as they exercise, live data will be tracked and reflected on the Galaxy Note 4. Additionally, the user can adjust resistance levels on the machine directly from the mobile device. After the workout, summary data is uploaded to the Fitness cloud.

LFopen is the fitness industry's first truly open API. Using LFopen, app makers can tap into consumers' desires for fitness technology to build an endless spectrum of personalized fitness applications that work directly with Life Fitness workout equipment. The Life Fitness open API gives developers access to the same API Life Fitness used to develop its own Life Fitness app and tracking website, LFconnect, with no restrictions or partnerships involved. For more information on Life Fitness and LFopen, visit

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