Samsung Still Wants to "Free the TV," Offering $225,000

Samsung is back with its Free The TV challenge. The first edition of the challenge was held last year when WeDraw bagged top honors. Samsung has had a great year with its mobile devices garnering a fair share of attention. The TV as a developer platform has also seen interest in platforms from Apple and Google and with its latest SDK and contest, Samsung definitely wants to woo the developers.

The 2011 edition of Free The TV coincides with the latest release of version 2.5 of Samsung’s SDK. The SDK promises a new category of applications called “Converged Apps” that will allow developers to write applications that would work seamless across multiple screens and devices--TV, phones, tablets and computers. This fragmentation is a current concern with a lot of developers and with this SDK, Samsung plans to address it.

Samsung is encouraging developers to explore the possibility to writing Converged Apps in the following categories:

  • Controller Apps: They enable a second device to control an app on the TV.
  • Companion Apps: They enable a second device to augment what is being shown on the TV.
  • Interactive Apps: They enable the user to use a second device as a secondary display.

The challenge is open through November 29. The judging period is in December and winners will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) scheduled in January 2012. The The contest offers serious prize money totaling $225K with the top three winners taking home $100K, $75K and $50K, in addition to TVs and Galaxy Tablets.

The Free The TV contest page has details on how to register yourself for the contest. Keep in mind that you will need to download the latest SDK 2.5 from Samsung and develop your application using that. MOVL, the company behind last year's winner, is also providing its MOVL Connect platform to developers free of charge during this contest. The platform provides tools and cloud-based infrastructure to build applications that work on multiple devices.

So stop being a couch potato and enter the ring to free the TV.


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