Sandvik Improves Autonomous Mining Interoperability with New API

Sandvik, a Swedish engineering group that develops autonomous mining technology, has announced a new API that aims to improve interoperability in the mining industry. The AutoMine Access API will enable customers with mixed fleets that incorporate non-Sandvik equipment to connect all assets to the Sandvik AutoMine Platform.

The Sandvik AutoMine platform is a collection of tools that assist in the automation of both surface and underground mining operations. The platform can handle the automation of single machine implementations as well as fleet operations. The latter environment requires that the platform be open to all equipment that Sandvik’s customer may employ. The company believes that the AutoMine API will enable partners to best take advantage of everything the automation platform has to offer. Patrick Murphy, President Rock Drills & Technologies, Sandvik Mining, and Rock Technology noted in the announcement of the API that:

“While we think customers will achieve the highest performance with Sandvik equipment, we recognize the need to unlock automation’s full potential for all equipment regardless of manufacturer. Customers with mixed fleets will now have the full power of AutoMine behind them.”

The announcement also noted that Sandvik views this API as one step in the company’s goal of developing a digital ecosystem that serves the mining community.

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