Sansan Releases Business Card Integration API

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Sansan Inc., the #1 business card and contact management service provider in Japan, today announces its new open API, along with official partnerships with several major IT service and software companies. Responding to its burgeoning international growth, Sansan’s new open API and partnerships enable businesses to easily integrate business card data into their existing tools and services for a complete enterprise solution.

Furthermore, from the new API all the data contained in business cards can be used with maximal granularity, timing, and efficiency, providing one single solution to users who find it difficult to switching back and forth between numerous tools and IT systems. This has effectively brought business cards into the contact-management circle and closed the loop.

“While businesses are increasingly using a wide variety of tools, until now the analog nature of business cards made a fully comprehensive contact management system difficult. By opening up its API Sansan is providing the missing link to valuable data exchanged in business cards by connecting it to key company services,” says CEO Chika Terada.

Building on Sansan’s unique technology, which rapidly and accurately transcribes business cards and uploads them into a cloud-based contact management Platform, the new API enables companies to use the data in business cards for their individual needs. In this way, Sansan will expand its market opportunities globally and spur further growth, attracting businesses who are already using a variety of other business tools but lacking efficient business card management and Integration with those services.


  • Setting alerts to calendar or scheduler tools when cards are scanned
  • Scanning a lead’s info directly into marketing platforms or other CRMs
  • Seamlessly creating lists for email apps, or manage contact data in other address book tools, and the list of possibilities continues.
  • Viewing contact data directly on a map on smartphones
  • Manually downloading contact info and uploading it into other services has been replaced by flexible, open integration.

Official Partners
In light of the new Open API, Sansan has secured partnerships with various companies and enterprises with widely used products and services. Customers who use any of the services provided by the official partners are now able to seamlessly integrate and use their Sansan business contact data in any of those services.

Partner Program
For companies interested in trying out the Sansan OPEN API with their own product or service, Sansan offers two programs. Integration with the Sansan OPEN API is completely free. Also, there is no restriction for creation or selling of software using the Sansan OPEN API.

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