SAP Selects Apigee as API Partner

Is this the biggest enterprise API deal ever? SAP chose Apigee Edge to power its new SAP API Management product. Apigee is now the preferred API management solution for SAP's 250,000+ customers.  

SAP is a $22 billion enterprise software company that provides some of the world's most popular applications for customer relationship management, supply chain management and for automating corporate functions like finance and human resources. Corporations have vast amounts of data stored within their SAP applications.  

SAP is building on its leadership position in enterprise software with cloud solutions that help clients “simplify everything, so they can do anything.” SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA helps make the data stored in SAP applications easily accessible as cloud resources. SAP HANA is an in-memory Platform for accessing and working with enterprise data.  

Apigee is a top company in the enterprise API market. Apigee helps companies with digital acceleration, providing the technology and expertise required to move toward API-centric business models that leverage apps, data and third-party developer communities.

Apigee Edge's Digital Value Chain

Apigee will partner with SAP to provide its Apigee Edge solutions to SAP on both an OEM and reseller basis. SAP will build Apigee's platform technology into its SAP HANA cloud product.  SAP will also make available Apigee's larger suite of API focused products and services to its clients. Apigee's platform technology helps companies build and operate APIs that are secure and scalable. Apigee's larger suite of products helps companies work with app developers and monetize data assets.

“The question that matters is, 'How are you helping developers be more productive building apps?' ” says Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor. “The partnership we are creating with SAP says that loud and clear. We are taking all this awesome data that is sitting within SAP and we are helping expose it and make it more consumable for people who want to build apps. Enterprises will be able to easily build innovative apps for their customers, employees and partners.” 

Apigee already works with premier partners like Accenture, a top technology consulting firm. Apigee and Accenture formed a global alliance to deliver solutions that help clients more easily build mobile applications and connect enterprise systems. Accenture is already one of the the biggest players in SAP software consulting. 

This deal could be a huge step forward for the global API industry. SAP has one of the largest client bases in enterprise software. Apigee is a leader in helping companies innovate via APIs, apps and data. Their partnership, plus the validation of premier partners like Accenture, could help make APIs a cornerstone of enterprise IT.

What do you think, readers? Will APIs finally go mainstream?

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