Saplo's Swedish Semantics Suite Sets the Bar Higher

Saplo is a Swedish incarnation of semantic analysis.  Born out of academia, the Saplo API is built on computer science and applied mathematics.  This company is effectively commercializing academic research topics.  What makes Saplo stand out immediately as an API provider is its list of active customers which includes two Nordic news sites.  This shows that they are serious about the business behind the Saplo API and also successful at convincing experienced media players that semantic analysis is a tool that they should employ.

Saplo is one of 65 Semantic APIs.  It offers the familiar features of previous semantic analysis APIs such as those provided by and Syllabs.  The Saplo API is aimed toward articles.  Each article can be tagged, categorized under a topic, analyzed for sentiment, or used as a basis for finding other similar articles.  These features are expected from a full-fledged offering, but Saplo takes it one step further.  It has distinguished itself not only by its business acumen, but by its innovation.

Earlier this week Saplo released a new “Text Sets” analytics feature.  It can be used to compare sets of articles.  Just stop and think about that for a moment.  What could this new tool be used for?  Finding similar web sites?  Identifying biases in new sites?  One suggested use case is finding similar Twitter users by constructing a set for each user’s tweets and then comparing the sets to each other.  This propels Saplo into the social analytics fields. It makes me wonder, over time will we see that semantic analytics services are consuming more web pages than human readers?

Saplo's developer friendliness gets a high rating in my book. The API Documentation is amazing, including a quick start guide as well as a comprehensive list of all methods.  There are many example, and each example can be viewed with Sample Code in Java, Python, or PHP. Plus you can download these libraries from their site. This RESTful JSON format API looks great all around.

Saplo is offering something special to ProgrammableWeb readers: the first 100 users that sign up for Saplo from ProgrammableWeb will  get an extra 2,000 free API calls.  When signing up on Saplo's site be sure to include "programmableweb" after your description in order to get the credit.  Saplo is formalizing their pricing structure now, so take the offer while its still on the table!

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