Save Energy. Save Money: ecobee API

ecobee, a company that provides intelligent energy management solutions, has released the public ecobee API that will make it possible for developers to create new applications that integrate with the functionality of ecobee's Smart Thermostats. The company prides itself on having developed energy solutions that are easy to understand, easy to manage, and ultimately reduce the impact on the environment and save money.


We all like convenience when it comes to day-to-day living, and when it comes to those energy bills, who wouldn't want to save money? ecobee's Smart Thermostat aims to tackle these very issues. Firstly, it's an easy to use, WIFI-enabled touchscreen thermostat that can be controlled and accessed via a handy smartphone app. It can also monitor how energy is consumed, calculate ways to reduce energy consumption and notify the user when any issues arise; ultimately saving money. In addition, the system automates energy conservation, making it more environmentally friendly than some other heating and cooling products around.

ecobee is excited about the possibilities that will be opened up by introducing their public API. In a recent press release announcing the new API, Stuart Lombard, President and CEO of ecobee says,

"ecobee’s API Platform enables an active community of forward thinkers to build the next generation of connected home applications. Our customers will benefit from a wide range of convenient solutions that will simplify their lives."

Alex Hawkinson, Founder and CEO of SmartThings (one of the partners developing apps for the ecobee platform) added,

"SmartThings is focused on making the world smarter through our open platform and we are passionate about working with open APIs, like those launched today for ecobee’s smart thermostat, to further prove the role developers and inventors play in the Internet of Things. This Integration allows consumers to effortlessly control their ecobee thermostats through the SmartThings platform."

The ecobee API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls, authenticates with OAuth 2.0 Framework and returns JSON formatted responses. The API makes it possible to do things like read, update and poll thermostat data. Interested developers can head to ecobee's website where they can sign up for a developer account.

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