Saving Face: Skybiometry's Face Detection API

Skybiometry's cloud-based face detection API serves as a drop-in replacement for's API. This REST-based API can be used in combination with almost any programming language, making it possible to integrate with any device that has internet connectivity.

The API can detect faces with any expression and even with sunglasses. How cool is that!

Because it uses different algorithms for detecting faces and recognizing them, it can potentially lead to differing results.

The API is split into the two tasks of face detection and recognition.

According to Yhacker news, one user commented that, "The demo behaves well but it did identify my grandmother as "male"." A company spokesperson responded that, "Computer vision is a tough thing. Sometimes even Schwarzenegger is identified as female. But overall we reach quite good accuracy on determining gender from face."

In addition to gender, attributes include location of eyes, nose mouth, with new attributes coming soon such as glasses, and smile. Skybiometry requests suggestions for other attributes to include and for feedback.

Use of the API is limited: 100 face detection/recognition method calls per hour, 5,000 calls per month.Usage limits can be increased; contact Skybiometry with more information about your application. Pricing beyond the free plan has not been determined as of this writing, but is expected shortly.

Two client libraries are available, NuGet package and C# client library source code. More are promised, but's libraries can be used in the meantime.

Based in Lithuania and founded in October of 2012 as a spin-off of an un-named company, according to its linkedin page. Denis Kochetkov, Aleksej Kočetkov and Justas Kranauskas are the cofounders.

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