Say Goodbye to Google Latitude, Service to be Shut Down August 9

Another API can be added to the list of "Google APIs That Are No More." The Google Latitude service, including the Latitude API, will be shut down on August 9, 2013. Google Latitude is a geolocation sharing service that allows users to find friends and family on a map as well as share their current location with others they choose.

The Google Graveyard

The Google Graveyard at


In light of the imminent shut down of the Latitude service, Google is recommending Latitude users switch to Google+ which does offer location sharing and check-ins. There does not appear to be an alternative for the Google Latitude API at this time however. According to a post in the Google Latitude API Group, "currently there is no replacement API for programmatically inserting data into location history."

Google has been making a lot of waves the past few months with the shut down of a variety of services, including the popular Google Reader which was officially retired the 1st of this month. The uproar over the death of Google's more popular services has even inspired the creation of a virtual Google graveyard where visitors can leave a flower for their favorite deceased Google products.

It is unclear how many other Google services will suffer the same fate as Google Latitude, only time will tell.

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