Say Goodbye to Servers: Parse Launches "Cloud Code"

Parse, a leading backend-as-a-Service mobile SDK provider, has launched a new service called Cloud Code making it possible for app developers to add custom backend code that is easily accessible by any client (iOS, Android, HTML5, or via the REST API) without servers.

Parse offers a suite of native mobile SDKs that provide server-side functionality so that developers can create internet enabled applications. The Parse Cloud handles the entire backend so there is no need for developers to create or maintain their own server-side Stack.

Cloud Code

Cloud Code is built on the same JavaScript SDK that currently powers thousands of apps. However, the custom code that developers can add to their mobile applications runs in the Parse Cloud instead of running on a mobile device. Developers can use Cloud Code to add features and change the behavior of their applications without having to wait for a new release of the application. Cloud Code updates are available to all mobile environments instantly.

With the addition of Cloud Code to Parse's line of mobile development products, Parse says it has become "a one-stop shop for mobile app development by pushing the boundaries of server code."

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