Say It With Pictures: Doodle Republic Chatoon API

Messaging just got a lot more interesting to look at. Words say a lot, but a picture is worth a thousand of them; imagine the levels of communication that could be achieved using both. Doodle Republic is a messaging Platform that provides the tools to create messages that include words and images. Basically, people chat by creating their own art and sending it to friends as a Chatoon. The Doodle Republic Chatoon API makes this functionality available to developers who may want to include it in other applications.


It works like this; users customize their messages by adding photos and drawings, choosing existing characters from the extensive Library, including speech bubbles, props and a variety of scenes and other elements. Once the Chatoon is complete with images and text, the user can send it on to other users, save it, share it or even make it into an e-card. The system is especially beneficial for children as it provides a safe and fun social environment where they can explore visual communication, learn and develop their creativity.

Doodle Republic provides a SOAP based API that provides access to the Doodle Republic Chatoon services.

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