Say It With Style: Access Daily Quotes With They Said So's API

People love to quote those who have found a way to say it better. Be it a humorous one-liner or inspirational food for thought, it's a quick and easy way to appreciate and share an opinion more eloquently. For web developers who may want to add a little extra for their website or application users, including cool daily quotes could be a simple option. They Said So is a quotes database that provides the They Said So API, making it possible for developers to access this functionality.


The They Said So website includes an extensive database comprising more than 1 million quotes from 100 000 different authors, as well as a variety of Bible verses. The database uses a tagging system to effectively categorise these quotes into several relevant categories, enabling users to personalise their quotes of the day accordingly.

They Said So's RESTful API makes it possible to retrieve a quote of the day, random quotes, quotes meeting certain length restrictions, categories of quotes, and quotes by a certain author. There is currently a Public API, a Private API and a Bible Verses API, all available via They Said So's Website.

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