Schedule Your Tweets With Tweet-U-Later

With millions of users currently using and checking Twitter every few minutes to every couple of hours, it's no surprise that Twitter has become an ideal platform for brief announcements. From open dinner invites to birth announcements to product launches, Twitter is being used to announce just about everything and anything.

Of course, not all announcements are intended to go out at a moment's notice. Some times you need your announcement to go out at a certain time and you'd rather not sit around your computer waiting to pull the trigger on the Tweet button. - Schedule Tweets.jpg

For situations like this, we have the Twitter API and applications built on it, such as Tweet-U-Later, which allows you to schedule your tweets for some time in the future. The premise is simple. Write a tweet, set a time for the tweet to be published, and walk away. That's it.

Tweet-U-Later also logs your past and pending tweets in case you need to change something last minute, or simply want a list of the tweets you've published through Tweet-U-Later.

While the premise of Tweet-U-Later is simple, the web app seems to fall short on the execution, making some odd choices. For example, a Twitter-based service that doesn't rely on oAuth to log you in feels like a bad fit. By the end of the month, Basic Auth will be no more. Design issues (which can always be improved upon in the future) aside, if you're looking to schedule tweets, this is a pretty straightforward way to go about it.


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