Scholarly IQ: It's All about Usage for Publishers, Libraries, and Third Party Providers

Understanding the usage of your publications used to be easy: if it's a book, count the sales. A magazine? Count the subscriptions. An article--count the circulation of the hosting publication. If you're a librarian, just look at how many times it was checked out. For impact, count citations. The digital universe requires new tools to measure these and the Scholarly IQ API is Scholarly's app  for putting them right into your application. Scholarly IQ uses SUSHI to harvest COUNTER usage statistics.

The API web page

As the American Institute of Physics states, Scholarly IQ's service is key to its business,

"SIQ understands our unique business models and has worked closely with us to deliver analytics services for both institutions and our publishing partners. We feel SIQ has both the domain and technical expertise required to be successful in this complicated but critical area of our business."

Scholarly IQ works with three types of customers: publishers, librarians, and partner service providers. For publishers, it's all about providing data that allows them to get closer to their customers. For librarians, they focus on usage reports from publishers that feature interoperability,  with "3rd party services already tested include Penn Libraries, EBSCO, ExLibris, Serials Solutions, Innovative Interfaces and Altova." For partner service providers SIQ's central focus is making data management free of pain.

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