Schoology Launches App Center Encouraging Development of Innovative and Fun Educational Applications

Schoology, a collaborative learning Platform that is 100% cloud-based, has recently announced the launch of the Schoology App Center which features third-party applications built with the Schoology API and developer platform. Using the Schoology API, developers can build applications that extend features and functionality as well as build applications that run directly in the Schoology platform. In addition, applications can be made available to the Schoology community or can remain private within the school.


BrainNook is one of the fun and innovative third-party applications available in the new Schoology App Center.

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The Schoology App Center also allows educators to easily customize and enhance the platform by installing applications with only a few clicks and without the need to be a technology expert.

There are six third-party applications available in the Schoology App Center at this time, however, there are over twenty Schoology driven applications in active development. Applications currently available include:

  • Blackboard Collaborate - A learning platform that utilizes the internet, mobile devices, real-time social engagement and more.
  • BrainNook - Social "virtual worlds" game that teaches math and language skills. Students can play the game with classmates and friends in real time.
  • ConceptBANK - Helps educators to access/navigate the standards and supporting concepts.
  • Remind101 - Allows teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.
  • ScootPad - Personalized, self-paced math and reading application.
  • Turnitin - Web-based solution for plagiarism prevention.

Developers that are interested in building exciting and fun educational Schoology applications, visit the Schoology Developers Website or Submit a Request to be an App Developer.

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