Schoology Releases SIS Integration Platform and Sponsors $250,000 Open SIS Challenge

Back in September 2012, ProgrammableWeb reported that Schoology had launched the Schoology App Center which features third-party applications built with the Schoology API and developer Platform. To further encourage the use of the Schoology platform and "promote the open exchange of data" by education technology developers, Schoology has announced the release of the SIS Integration Platform, a turnkey solution that allows the integration of the Schoology platform with Student Information Systems (SIS) that provide a web API.

SIS Integration Platform

Image Credit: Schoology

The Schoology SIS Integration Platform was created so that SIS vendors could easily integrate their SIS with the Schoology platform, reducing SIS development time which allows vendors to focus more time on developing open web APIs. According to the press release, Schoology was able to integrate the Pearson PowerSchool API using the Schoology SIS Integration Platform and the system-to-system integration process took less than a week. Oliver Wreford, Director of Business Development at Pearson, says about the use of the Pearson PowerSchool API by Schoology in the press release:

"Pearson is committed to working with partners such as Schoology to deliver integrated solutions to our customers. We have invested significant time and resources into developing and releasing an easy-to-use API built on the RESTful architecture to enable data integration with PowerSchool. It is encouraging to see the immediate use of our API by Schoology. It's a great example of the industry working together to optimize the use of technology by education stakeholders and contributors."

Schoology Open SIS Challenge

In conjunction with the release of the SIS Integration Platform, Schoology is sponsoring an Open SIS Challenge for SIS vendors. Up to 10 vendors will be awarded $25,000 each (challenge prize money totals $250,00) for building or providing access to a Web API along with appropriate Documentation. SIS vendors must also provide an event notifications API or some Webhook capability.

If Schoology is able to complete the integration using the Schoology SIS Integration Platform within 10 business days, the SIS vendor will receive $25,000. The Schoology Open SIS Challenge will run through May 2013 and the SIS vendors that have been selected for the challenge will be notified on June 1, 2013.

Visit to sign up to receive information about the Schoology Open SIS Challenge.

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