The SciBite API: Digging Up Pharma News

The SciBite API provides access to SciBite's real-time drug discovery search engine that combs developments in biotech and pharma. By tracking patents and clinical trials around the globe, scientific news, biomedical reagents and even biomedical job postings, SciBite provides unparalleled intelligence on drugs.

Now all that is available for Integration through its API. Acording to SciBite, its REST API (that returns JSON, XML and text),

"...allows informaticians to access all of our data for their own data mining activities. Perform wide ranging queries to interrogate our semantically tagged news database. Find and mine new connections between drugs, companies, targets and indications. Access our trend analysis and user-ranking data to find the most critical resources."

This intelligence gathering is an old tactic catapulted to new uses with new technology. During World War II, a US intelligence unit was assigned to reading German newspapers as a means of understanding the enemy's game plan. SciBite isn't accessing "enemy" information, of course. But like that earlier effort, it concentrates on publicly available information--information that might make you wonder, gee, how can we gain an edge from looking at data that is available to everyone? Intelligence officials during the war were reportedly astounded by what they could learn. Today, SciBite offers the same panoptical scouring of data ranging across the entire fields of drugs and biotechnology, made possible by replacing human news readers with web crawlers searching databases. In offering an API, SciBite further magnifies this tried and true technique of analysis by putting the ability to manipulate it in the hands of those who can do that most effectively--its users.

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