ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL Device Detection API for Scala

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ScientiaMobile has launched a new version of its popular WURFL OnSite API written to support the Scala programming language. Mobile web developers are increasingly using the Scala language. Now, Scala developers can natively integrate WURFL OnSite to provide critical device intelligence for mobile web optimization and device analytics services. WURFL for Scala is offered under both the AGPLv3 license and ScientiaMobile’s commercial license.

Scala has emerged in the last decade as a next generation Java Virtual Machine language. While similar to Java, Scala has generally more succinct and readable code and can take advantage of functional programming to leverage the power of multi-core CPU servers.

"Scala is suitable for highly-parallel applications that scale well on multicore architectures. For this reason the language is making inroads into the enterprise market. It makes total sense that a popular API for mobile developers such as WURFL now supports Scala natively", says London-based Scala and Java expert Filippo De Luca.

“The launch of WURFL for Scala follows our strategy to embrace the emerging languages and platforms used by the mobile web developers. WURFL is the most widely-used device detection solution not only because of our commitment to quality, but also because we have invested to support developers. We now support a myriad of languages and platforms across our WURFL products,” says Luca Passani, CTO of ScientiaMobile.

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