Scope Technologies Announces Open API Developer Portal

Scope Technologies provides aerial measurement reports for the construction industry. The company uses real-time data to generate accurate takeoff reports that they claim are both accurate and affordable. Scope Technologies has now announced a new open API Developer Portal that it hopes will result in innovative uses of the company’s property measurement metadata.

Scope technologies views the establishment of a developer portal as the first step in a new strategy focused on industry Integration and innovation. The company is expecting to announce several new APIs soon and is hoping that developers will take advantage of the new portal to sign up early for access. Scope Technologies is hoping that this API-led initiative will be beneficial for developers and end-users alike, while also helping to establish their role as leaders in the industry. Jerod Raisch, Chief Executive Officer, Scope Technologies noted in the announcement:

"Our new Open API program will strengthen Scope Technologies' position as an industry leader in the aerial measurement report business, giving us a competitive advantage allowing us to continue to help contractors save time and money by leveraging our services."

With Scope Technologies just getting started with this initiative interested developers can reach out to the company directly ( to get more information on how to participate in the program.

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