Scoreoid Aims to Gamify the World Using APIs

Here is an interview with Scoreoid founder and CEO, Almog Koren. Scoreoid allows you to gamify apps using the Scoreoid API and backend as a service. With 3000+ games and almost 1.8 billion monthly sessions- this is one API startup that seems to be going places.

ProgrammableWeb (PW) -What is unique about the Scoreoid API?

Almog Koren (AK)- This is a great question and really important when it comes to API's. especially as there are so many API's in the market. With Scoreoid our API's a very simple and ease to use API built around the idea of being fast and simple. You can create a full leaderboard with 5 to 10 minutes of coding, and while their API is simple it is also very robust, making it very ease to cover not just games but apps, connected device, websites, pretty much anything that supports HTTP. At the same time you can also cover everything you need. We handle all the filtering and player data, giving developers lot's of options while not limiting them. Scoreoid is white label, all the data belongs to the developer we're not a network and of course truly cross Platform.

What also makes Scoreoid very unique and stand out is that our 3rd party Integration using Scoreoid Live and the HTTP Request Action developers can connect to any 3rd party provider or service and based on in-app or in-game "moments" IE events do a number of user engagements in real-time.

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For example with our Mandrill integration you can delivery a direct email to your user. After a player finishes your game or does X in your app send them an email about an upgrade, store item or another one of your apps.

Even more interesting is our Twillo integration Great for retargeting users, for example a users leaves your app but they get an SMS with a discount, upgrade, ect.. This brings them back and saves a discount code, link, data, ect.. via SMS. Or user acquisition​ for example offer your user a reward by inviting 5 friends via SMS.

PW- How do you intend to get developers excited about using and creating apps based on your API

AK- We really believe in supporting the indie community, providing great support, but more importantly building a community around Scoreoid. It's not just about creating a great product and service but listening to developers and creating a community.

A great example of this is the Scoreoid Community Promotion we did which got over 1 million Twitter impressions within the first 24 hours. Check it out at -

The feedback was amazing and we're really glad to have done something like this.

PW- What is your pricing strategy for your API?

AK-- Simple SaaS model pay as you grow pricing that scales with your needs based on MAU. Of course we also have a free plan, and our pricing starts small.

PW- Describe how you came up with the idea for your startup?

AK- Before Scoreoid I was the owner of my own development studio "Almog Design", one of our projects was developing a Facebook game for Nokia, it was a great campaign and Nokia wanted to give out free phones to the top weekly players. Developing the game was exciting and fun but everything from the leaderboards and backend was a pain. The "other stuff", the things you really don't enjoy working on but need them no matter what.

We looked for different solutions to use but at the time there was really nothing that covered our needs, not to mention fully white label and offered a way to save user data like emails. We need a mix of scaleable gaming backend with great leaderboards and CRM. This is how Scoreoid started, we really felt that pain point. Very early on with mobile the biggest issue was having something that was cross platform and simple to integrate.

PW- What other areas can benefit from increased gamification, in your opinion ?

AK- I believe we're going to start seeing gamification every where from mobile apps to hardware and software integrations. Gameification done right can really increase retention, engagement and User Experience. We're already seeing it in fitness apps, internal HR software, and sites like "This City Is Going on a Diet", which is a great story.

I believe gamification will not only be in apps and connected hardware, but in every day life and real world activities from eduction to shopping.

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