The Scout API: Using Data to Place Ads in Context

The Scout API, by T3, enables 3rd parties to take advantage of the context the company brings to advertising. Added to location sensitivity, which has been employed by the likes of Walgreens and others geofencing their stores, Scout brings weather, time, speed and orientation. Scout joins a list of 274 advertising APIs in our directory. Public Documentation is unavailable; interested developers can contact

Combining these types of data to determine what ads are appropriate and when could be huge. In the diagram above, you know what is right to offer when it's raining--hot chocolate; ice cream just doesn't cut it. By using the weather to influence ads, Scout makes sure that the offerings are appropriate. Speed can influence when ad pops up on a smartphone in a moving car. (Hopefully, it's the passenger's cell, not the driver's.) The goal is context: make advertising as relevant as possible.

The company claims that 90% of mobile marketing doesn't take advantage of these tools to create context. From the consumer's point of view this rings true. For all the hype about Big Data and targeted ads aimed at people profiled to the point of being down right spooky, the number of ads that seem contextually correct and aimed at the right person is tiny. Scout is after helping increase the ROI for the advertiser. But they could one day be helping consumers to have their online lives a little less cluttered.

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