ScrapeLogo API Simplifies Adding Logos to Websites

ScrapeLogo, created by Maintop Businesses, allows users to add logos to a website via the ScrapeLogo API with no need for backend coding. The ScrapeLogo API needs only the URL of the business whose logo a user desires to add to a website. The API then crawls business websites, social networks, and more to find the appropriate logo. As ScrapeLogo continues to grow, it will compile a logo database that updates as logos change and improve.

Maintop Businesses initially created ScrapeLogo for internal use. Maintop created and offered the API as a service to various B2B projects. Requests for ScrapeLogo functionality piled up and Maintop decided to present the API as a general offering to a broader market. Currently ScrapeLogo remains in Beta and the company actively recruits new Beta partners. Those interested should request an invitation.

The ScrapeLogo API is HTML based with no JavaScript or other coding needed for implementation. Simply drop in a two lines of HTML, and the ScrapeLogo API goes to work for your website. For more information, visit the API site; or, review the diagram below.

Logos are important elements in many websites. Whether a company wishes to display a line card, partnerships, or advertisements; logos play a huge part in a complete website. Unfortunately, due to format disparities and other cumbersome coding differences, logos often present problems for web designers. The ScrapeLogo API aims to eliminate the bumps in accurately adding logos and streamline the process.

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