Scrapinghub Announces AI-Driven Web Scraping API

Scrapinghub, web data extraction solution provider, recently announced its Developer Data Extraction API. The API provides programmatic access to Scrapinghub's web scraping technology. The technology is driven by Artificial Intelligence that eliminates the need to build custom spiders for each target site.

The API is designed for e-commerce product and article extraction. The API is currently in beta, and Scrapinghub is looking for beta users. The API is broken into two separate APIs: the Product Extraction API and the Select Article Extraction API.

The Product Extraction API transforms any e-commerce product page into structured data, regardless of the form on the product site. Information pulled includes product details, pricing, product IDs, images, and more. The Select Article API transforms news articles, blog posts, or other article types into structured data. Data pulled includes headlines, author, publish date, images, and more. A single endpoint is used and the page type indicates whether an article or product extraction should take place.

The beta will remain open until July 9th. The beta is open to the public. Those with access will be issued an API Key can start using the tool immediately. Scrapinghub technical and engineering resources are available through the trial.

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